Sunday, February 24, 2008

Music Man

 Today, Landon's nursery teacher was saying "He's sure a music lover, isn't he?" And he sure is! Jordan and I are often singing, humming, whistling, tapping... and often don't even notice that we are doing it until we see Landon bouncing away to the beat. In the mornings, he comes in to my bed around 6:30 or so, climbs up just above my head and turns on the radio for some dance music. He's not a fan of car rides, but he'll be calm as can be and join in on the actions as we sing the snowman song over and over again. Piano lessons are interesting when he is up and about because he just wants to join in on the music making - and 3 at the piano is a bit much. It's so fun to watch him learning and seeing him get so excited to dance and such. I hope he keeps this love for music as he grows up.