Sunday, February 10, 2008

What we've been up to

Somehow we've gotten ourselves back into the middle of lots of unfinished Home-Improvement projects. Painting, curtaining, re-decorating, scrubbing, patching, carpeting... It's nice to always have something to be doing!
And we're looking forward to Spring. I'm so excited to start growing things again and figuring out a garden spot and spending our Saturday's outside in the beautiful sun. It must be this warm 35 degree weather that is bringing around thoughts of Spring. :)

This past week Landon seems to be so eager to be learning. He loves to play with his shapes - matching them up or picking them out or watching his shapes movie. And, he's talking so much. Whenever we say "Say _______" He copies us as best he can and even tries to imitate the pitch of our voice. So cute! It's so fun to see him not only understanding, but having some more success at communicating too.

We slacked off a bit this week, but we've been having a fun time with our new exercise plan. We've got a deal that each day we bike or run we earn money towards an armoire we want to get for our bedroom. This way, we know if we ever want to get the armoire, we've got to exercise! 
 I'm in charge of the exercise group in our ward which we just started up  - so far it's just been 3 of us getting together to do a Pilates workout while our kids run around in the gym. Landon gets so excited to see Paul each time we go and loves to run and play. It's given me a good chance to get to spend some time with Laura, and get to know a few people from my ward. And it's great to get a little extra exercise in too.

I've been looking forward to doing our taxes (no joke!), so I was excited to get those all done this week, and to feel the relief of getting some money back rather than owing more.

We'd been watching all of the election coverage for the past few months, and really hoping for Mitt Romney to do well. We even donated to his campaign, hoping to be able to make some sort of a difference. We were disappointed to see him out of the race, especially since he leaves behind no hopeful prospects for our next President. Still, I learned a lot from following his campaign.

I'm having a fun time in my calling as the primary chorister. Our nursery had a huge change with the new year and now most of the kids are about 18-20 months old. It makes music time a little more challenging, but already I've seen them picking up on the actions to some of the songs and that's so fun.

I've had more requests to take on new piano students and I'm trying to decide what is feasible... It's been a lot of fun to be teaching and Landon's getting a little more distract-able so I don't always have to work his naps around my lessons. He sure loves Emma and Aaron, 2 of my students. We often see them in the morning on their way to school as we're walking over to the church for exercise group and  he just goes wild with excitement!

We're just having a happy time enjoying life. We've had quite a snowed-in sort of winter, so we are looking forward to a week of sunshine ahead with lots of fun projects to keep us busy.