Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Top Ten Favorite Pics

I have an entire collection of pictures from one of my college roommates of me doing just about every regular day thing. Me eating lunch, me doing my hair, me working on the computer, me writing a paper, me opening the fridge... This is my favorite - me playing the guitar! :)
Some of my best memories of college were of running. Jogging around the neighborhoods, going to the track - still one of my favorite places, a few 5Ks, and especially being a part of the cheer squad for my roommates' marathons. I love Logan, and mostly because of the sweet memories of my roommates' grandparents house where we'd escape from the hectic school life for a weekend during marathon or training seasons.
This picture is pretty descriptive of the beginnings of a relationship for me and Jordan. I thought I was pretty well set and doing my own thing, but Jordan just couldn't help but want to be close to me! Somebody in the ward caught a picture of our cars out in the parking lot. :)
That's my sweetheart! I think this was the end of a water fight of some sort that he and our neighbors had gotten into...
One of the most wonderful things for me about our wedding day was the incredible love and support I felt by all of those who came to share the day with us. Everyone always says that you'll never remember who comes to your wedding... but I know that I will. I was so touched to see not just all of our wonderful family and friends who came from all over to be there, but also fellow teachers from my school, families I used to babysit for, old neighbors, and just so many people who I never expected would take all the time to come and spend such a happy time with us.
The Christmas before Landon was born, all Jordan asked for was "baby stuff". And that's what he got! He spent the day carrying around a little sleeper on his shoulder, setting it down gently wherever he went and just feeling very much like he was the luckiest guy in the world to get to have a baby boy soon!
One of my students drew this for me - it was a life-size picture that hung out in the hallways for about a month (and not the MOST attractive, as I was 6 or 7 month's pregnant!) But, I loved it! There were a lot of really hard things about teaching, and little things like this or a note from one of my students, or any sort of indication that I was doing a good job... were so much appreciated!
Oh, what an amazing thing to give birth to this precious little son. Sometimes, I think that my heart will just burst right open with so much love that just fills me right up.
I love this picture (Landon's looking at a tiger with his Daddy at the zoo), because I think this is how Landon sees the whole world. I'm so grateful for all of the wonder that he sees and for the excitement and joy he brings to my life!
This is what I will miss the most about our duplex. What a wonderful site to come home to all Spring - these beautiful tulips! I am so excited now to have Spring on the way again - such a happy time!!
Thanks Emily for the 'tag' - this was really fun to do!