Friday, March 7, 2008

Clean sinks and such

I've found myself excited lately to be a homemaker. I remember last year when we were buying our condo, they needed to know my occupation - and something about it when I told them I didn't work and they wrote down "homemaker"... I felt like it was some sort of a dismissal of what I did. Anyways, now I'm happy to be just that, and this last little while I've just been excited to learn to be a really great homemaker. I'm excited to learn to keep my house in order - like keeping my sinks clean and containing Landon's toys to just a few corners... and I'm excited to learn to cook in a healthier way so that my family can be healthy and strong. And I'm having so much fun taking time to really teach Landon. We play shapes games and color games and matching games and he 'helps' Mommy clean up... and it's just delightful!  What a fun job I have!