Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 Months Old

This little sweetheart is 4 months old! She is still just bringing such happiness to our family. Lately she's been getting more social and really wants us to play and interact with her, which is fun. She loves to get little tickles and have coo - talking conversations. She has such a tender little heart it seems. If she is ever hurt or sad, her cries often sound like she is trying to say 'Oh! Why would somebody want to hurt me, I'm just too precious!" :) She's getting stronger too and is starting to really push herself up when she's on her tummy and roll over every once in a while. She's discovered her hands and will just sit and watch them sometimes (or often try to fit her fist into her mouth...) And she's just starting to discover the wonder of putting every object she can grasp into her mouth too :)

Just look at those eyes! Jordan always says 'How am I ever going to keep from just getting her every last thing she could ever want?" She is indeed his little princess. :)

And these smiles and giggles we just love!

Oh we love our little Ellie girl!