Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Brother Progress :)

Last week, I went to do laundry one morning and realized while I was filling up the dryer that I had left Landon and Ellie alone in the front room -- and for the first time, that didn't make me drop what I was doing and race back to save little Ellie. :) Hooray for such a break through!

And, a few days ago, Landon got his first laugh out of Ellie. She was laying on the rug and he came over and squished her tummy w/ his forehead and she just giggled for him. I'm so grateful that he is learning (at last!!!) how to be soft with his favorite little baby! 

One of Landon's favorite things is when Jordan will hold Ellie and have her do something silly. Today, Landon was walking around w/ his new horse from Grammi and Grandpa being a cowboy, so Jordan made Ellie the 'Indians' and ran around holding her close to the ground "The indians are getting you!" w/ squeals of delight from Landon and mostly just a dazed little Ellie.