Thursday, October 15, 2009

New York City!

We just got back from our big trip to New York and Boston -- these posts are mostly for my own benefit to remember all of our adventures. (That's why they're so long and detailed!) Also, some of these were written while we were there and some at home, so the timing all sounds a bit strange now. :)

We've been having a great time spending the week in New York City while Jordan works at Animoto. Nate (Animoto's HR guy) found us a **super** apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. It's a 2-bedroom apt. in one of the Trump Place buildings, right along the Hudson River -->

Jordan and I decided we need to find a way to use corporate housing for all of our vacations in the future. :) It's so nice to have this great place since I'm spending a lot of time here w/ the kids. They have a fun play room downstairs (w/ all the kinds of toys that don't fit into New York sized apartments) that we've gone down to a few times (and will a few more I think w/ a couple of rainy days ahead).

Playing around at the apartment -- "this is hard work!" Landon says of his cutting/glueing. Ellie was so happy to get in on the action.
Watching Berenstein Bears on a rainy day
Tuesday flowers from Jordan- the white ones in the background were for me and the colorful ones Landon picked out for himself. :)
Happy girl w/ a great place to climb up to
Sitting on the windowsill eating lunch -- quite a view!!

A funny thing -- in all the times we've gone down to play at the play room (and also at the parks and museum), I've seen only 2 moms I think w/ their kids. All the rest are nannies/babysitters -- it took me a little while to realize why all of these kids looked so different from their moms. :)

We're staying on the 25th floor here (and our ears pop every time we ride the elevator down!) Yesterday, Landon had a bit of a worrisome adventure when (in his words) "The elevator was taking me away from you!!!" I got off on our floor and expected him to follow me out of the elevator. When he didn't, I put my hand then arm then leg/foot in the door to stop the doors but couldn't stop them - and away went my little boy crying "Momma!!!" Fortunately for us, a nice lady got on I think just a floor down or so (judging from the fact that I could still here crying...) and Landon managed to tell her he was on 25 and quickly get back up to us ( with cries of -- "Mommy! I was missing you so much! Ellie! I'm so happy!! I'm back to you!!") Yikes!

He's certainly been more careful since though. The first few times we rode after that, he asked me "Mommy, will you hold my hand so the elevator will not take me away?" And after a while --" I will do it all by my big self this time and get off fast so the elevator will not take me away." -- followed by sprint out and a "We did it! The elevator did not take me away!" (Can you tell he was worried about the elevator taking him away?)

Sweet boy, I'm so glad he didn't get lost!

Across the street from our apt. is a great park "Little engine playground" made just for toddlers/preschoolers and Landon's had a great time playing there, chasing the pigeons there, etc. :) He can see the playground looking down from our windows so he's been super excited when we get to go.

We went to church here on Sunday- to the Manhattan 1st ward (which meets here in the Manhattan temple). Pretty remarkable to see in the middle of this city.

Went here for dinner one night -->On their website they have a live web-cam going for their original location so you can see when the line is reasonable (I remember they had something like this for the testing center at BYU I think). Funny.

We're just a few blocks from Central Park, so Landon, Ellie and I spent the last 2 afternoons there -- enjoying the beautiful trees and walkways, playing at one of the playgrounds, listening to the street musicians, and going to the zoo. Landon just loved the zoo - "Let's go find some more interesting things to see!!!"

Delacorte music clock at the zoo - Landon liked watching the animals dance around while the clock chimed fun nursery rhyme type songs.
This is Landon last year (when we first came out to New York in September) -- I showed him these pictures before the trip and he was determined to find this log again. :)

Our growing up boy! :)
"You be the mean spider and you get me and I will run away!"

Ellie was just a great sport riding all around the zoo and park

Yesterday we went in with Jordan to Animoto to say hi to everybody. Landon had a blast playing with the office dog, Juno (they actually have 2 dogs there that just sort of run around and visit everybody while they work!) They have a really cool office - such a fun and creative set up with such fun people too. Jordan's been really enjoying getting to spend some time in person with everybody. It was quite an adventure getting back to the hotel on my own w/ our two kidlets, a double stroller and no elevator at the subway station!

We went to the FAO Schwartz on 5th avenue yesterday after the park and Landon had fun running around on the giant piano and playing w/ their toy displays (Ellie was loving their playmobile table too!) Kind of a strange feeling to be in the hustle and bustle of all the tourists, just taking my kids out for a fun afternoon then heading back to tidy up and make dinner at the apartment!

After the first crazy night w/ Ellie going back and forth from the crib to our bed all night long... we decided to make our New York week a teach-Ellie-to-sleep week. Two weeks before we left we started teaching her to go to sleep on her own- letting her cry to sleep, but just for nap times. This week we've been doing it at night too, so we've -- (I've, I guess :) had some long nights. But, the past 2 nights I've put her down in her crib wide eyed and she's gone to sleep w/out crying (hooray!!). Now what we're really hoping for is for her to learn to sleep through the night. We started about this point w/ Landon (after 9 months of no great sleep...) letting him 'cry it out' and what not -- he finally started consistently sleeping through the night at 23 months. So, we're hoping this sleep battle will be more easily won with little Ellie than it was with our indomitable son!

Children's Museum of Manhattan --
We took a rainy-day walking trek the museum on our last day in New York. Landon had a blast with all of their great exhibits. I loved that they had baby friendly things along with most of the exhibits so Ellie could have fun crawling around too and enjoying herself while Landon went wild with all of the exciting things to see.

I asked as we were leaving the museum if Landon could have one of these crowns (they'd been handing them out for b-day party groups and such...) He was just thrilled with this parting gift from the museum guy.
"Um... can Mommy have one too?"
I sure had a fun time playing with Landon and Ellie this week. Such fun adventures!

Amtrak --
Although it was quite an ordeal getting on the train (our particular train didn't have a checked baggage area, so we had 2 weeks worth of luggage for the 4 of us, plus Landon and Ellie to maneuver around the unknown platform in a rush to get on...) But it was such a pleasant ride. Lots of leg room, being able to walk around - Landon could sit on the floor to play by his seat - just a great ride.

And off we go on our Boston adventure!