Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Soon after Ellie started w/ croup and ear infections last week, Landon came down with a terrible flu. Then Jordan, then Ellie, then me.

No fun.

But --

We are all (except Ellie :) pretty independent spirits in our family so I think its been actually kind of nice for us to all get to take care of each other.

Like Landon sitting next to me on the bed - me w/ a bowl in my lap ready to throw up, half crying and half laughing with Landon saying "You can do it Mommy! Throw up right in that bowl! Yeah! Do it Mommy, you can do it!"

(I still feel pretty yucky today, but this still makes me smile to think of!)

Or me sitting beside Jordan in the middle of the night just resting my hand on him to give him some comfort, or holding close little Landon (and Ellie, later) in the night, so sick.

Or Jordan cleaning and cleaning and so cheerfully taking care of the kids, helping me walk, sitting with me all through the night, so sweetly doing everything I needed, making me Jello, just taking charge all around

He was almost disappointed when I started to feel better yesterday - it's not every day that I let him be my gallant knight so completely. :)