Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost 10 years ago...

I wrote this for an English assignment in high school - an imagined journal for myself 10 years older. I knew then how much I would love being a mother. I didn't know that the day-to-dayness of motherhood wouldn't bother me - that those every day routines themselves would be a joy to me. And I knew I'd have a hard-working loving husband, but apparently I imagined he'd be working himself into an ever-tired state. :)

March 7, 2011

Well, today was a busy day as usual. Emma has decided that she no longer needs my help, so I've had to spend all of my time correcting messes - rebuttoning her shirt, switching her shoes to the right feet, pulling knots out of her hair, and tasting her creations. She has a mind of her own... She loves to hold Conner and play with him, which is nice...

With Logan gone all day, it's hard to keep on top of things...he works so hard for us...I am so grateful to him for letting me stay home with Conner and Em. I miss teaching, but it's nothing compared to watching my own kids grow up. Maybe someday I'll go back.

Today, I took Emma and Conner to the park - it was nice for Emma to get some energy out and it was a beautiful day. After all this gray weather I just love to see the blue skies and get out of the house. Conner was a little fussy but once I got him to sleep, it was a nice afternoon. I had to give Emma a bath though when we got home and that was quite a job, as usual. Trying to keep Conner from crying while trying to keep Emma from getting out of the tub is quite a trick.

...Well, that's about all that's happened lately. It seems like all these days just blur together. Every day is the same things - get the kids dressed, breakfast, clean up, change diapers, nap, lunch, change diapers, clean up, dinnertime, and get the kids to bed.

But I love every day of this.

Even though Logan's so tired, he's always good at reading to Emma or rocking Conner to sleep while I clean up some more (it seems like our house can't stay clean for more than an hour!) While he watches the news I finally get a chance to rest and a moment to breath.

But everyday is something new. Emma will draw me a picture, Conner will learn a new word. They are such little things, but it's those things that I love so much.