Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Moment of the Day

An elderly man at Macey's stood nearby watching this morning as I got Landon and Ellie loaded into a car-cart. It was quite a process - Landon choosing which car cart (red? blue? red? blue?), pulling it out of the narrow aisle (though not quite far enough, meaning some squishing in between the other carts), Landon climbing in (on Ellie's side) then Ellie (so excitedly) trying to figure out what to do (now that Landon was in her spot), at last happily discovering she could walk around to the other side, climbing in/being pulled in by Landon... close the doors, try out the steering wheel horns... and we're off!
As we headed into the store, this man said something kindly that I couldn't quite understand, then asked "You have two children?" and with a smile "I hope you have a dozen more!" said with such happiness like it was the sweetest compliment he could think to say to me.

I'm always so grateful for kind strangers who help me feel like I'm doing a good job as a mom. :)