Friday, June 11, 2010

Speaking of Houses

I've had houses and homes on my mind a lot these days. So, here are some fun house-related things.

1. Nathan posted several of the house pictures that he did for us on his blog. I love these and I'm excited to see the rest too. He did such a great job - Jordan said after looking at these he feels like he needs to work harder at keeping our house nice because it looks so good in the pics. :)

2. After having read about a million home-for-sale descriptions, I thought this *dollhouse* blurb was great.

3. Even though we decided not to move to Texas, we still have this flyer from our Lubbock dream home up on our bulletin board. It really was the most beautiful home we have looked at in all of our home searching.

click to enlarge if you want to see :)

4. TravelinOma wrote a great story today about "the house that built me" - so funny.

5. If our house doesn't sell for a reasonable price, Jordan wants to build on a sunroom like this onto the back. ;)