Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Fun

With Independence Day on a Sunday this year, we ended up having a fun 3-day weekend full of celebrating.
Fuzzy pic of cute early-morning Ellie with her mommy-made 4th of July shirt :)

A visit with Jenny from Arizona
Provo's downtown arts festival
Barbecue with Grandma & Grandpa and Parker & family (so fun to have little kids running around with Landon and Ellie!)
Landon and Breezy throwing pops over the backyard fence

A Sunday visit from Grammi & Grandpa and April and Heather
Some morning time adventures biking and rollerblading
Balloon Festival (though the balloons didn't launch due to the wind...)
Macey's french toast breakfast
The grand parade
Fireworks in front of the driveway
And a bit of the big firework show seen through the tree from our bedroom window while Ellie sweetly slept.

A happy time with lots of family and events. :)