Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Landon loves to be good, obey and protect our family from mean guys :)

Outside playing with "Hammery" (Landon's name for his water bottle toy), and his table slide in the background :)

A few nights ago while we were reading scriptures, Landon asked for a toy. "If I'm just sitting I will wiggle and wiggle, but if I have a toy to hold I will sit nicely!"

Yesterday Landon found an open package of jumbo marshmallows in our island drawer, and immediately asked me to put them up on the fridge. "If I see them in here, I will eat them. But if they are up on the fridge, I won't!"

Last night at dinner at the pizza restaurant, Landon was running around a bit and came crashing into us at the table. When he had to sit down, Jordan was talking to him about how he needs to be softer because he has such a big strong body... and Landon said "Each day I am waiting and waiting for the mean guys to come, (then something like 'so I can get them') but they never come!"

(And just funny -just now when I asked Jordan if he remembered exactly what Landon had said last night, Landon said this "I think I was looking for mean guys at the restaurant. And I think when I came to the table I was still looking for mean guys and I thought Mommy was a mean guy and I got her...")