Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creative Advertising

Things have been slow in our home-selling, so we've been brainstorming and trying new things to get more exposure for it.

Yesterday and today we put up a targeted Facebook ad. (We put in the parameters of who we wanted to advertise to which narrowed it down to a group of about 8,000 that might see our ad over in there facebook sidebar).

In these 2 days, we had 73,224 views of our little ad and 54 visits to our site from there. (Our high per day before was 13 which was double the next highest day of 6.) Of course, it may be that they were just curious and none of those 54 people are actually looking to buy a home, but it was a pretty fun experiment still!

I don't actually use facebook (and I'm sure I would probably never click on an ad from there...) but it seems like a pretty neat way to advertise to a specific audience. And it was nice to be trying something else to feel like we're making progress in our efforts to sell our home :)