Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deer Country

(not our pic -- we haven't yet captured a great pic ourselves :)

We've been seeing deer all around our neighborhood in the past few snowy weeks - more and more frequently in the last few days. Since we don't yet have a garden for them to be eating up, we've just been delighted to see them.

"I will tell mommy the amazing thing we did!!"

This evening Ellie and I went to the fabric store while Jordan and Landon went on a snow-shoeing adventure across the street at the park. They took their flashlight and spotted some deer tracks then followed them until they 'found lots of reindeer!!!' (Several deer meandering around the park -- Landon's favorite song this season is Rudolph, hence the reindeer confusion :)

It seems so magical to me for a little boy to go snow shoeing with Daddy, to search for reindeer, and to find and watch the deer so close.

Other magical moments today --

Jordan and Landon sitting on the front porch just talking after naptime today. I came home from visiting teaching and saw that happy sight as I pulled in the driveway. Jordan is taking this week and next week off from work and enjoying some happy family time.

A Christmasy picnic lunch on the living room floor. We spread out a cheery tablecloth and had peanutbutter sandwiches (cut into fun shapes) clementines, and crackers and cheese (on toothpicks!) Not such fancy fare, but all set out in Christmas-y dishes that amazed Landon ("Wow! Wow! Look at this! Wow!") and delighted Ellie (eating her whole lunch by toothpick was just so exciting)

We're having such a happy Christmas time with our little children!