Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter time fun

We were in Salt Lake today for a wedding and were amazed at how warm and how snow-less it was compared to our new home in Logan! Here are some fun pics of our winter wonderland adventures lately -->

The view out our back door for a long while

One of the last clear green-grass-viewable days of the season (I must admit I had hoped for snow this day to cause a change of plans...) Jordan, Landon and Grandpa went shooting with an Elders Quorum Activity.

Intermission at the Nutcracker Ballet with Jordan, Kathie, my mom and Jenny

Remember all the talk about the crazy blizzard coming on Thanksgiving weekend? Jordan and his brothers decided to take advantage of the chance to try out their winter gear mid-blizzard and do some extreme sledding at the park across the street.

Landon working on a snowman

Just a funny site Jordan caught - a santa bike ride through Central Park

Setting off on our first adventure of Jordan's Christmas vacation: snowshoeing in Green Canyon (about 8 minutes from our house- amazing!!)

And two cute Christmas-y kids!

(Ellie happily obedient just standing by the wall :)
(Landon excited and dancing through the pre-church picture taking)