Sunday, November 27, 2011


Jordan and the kids surprised me with a sweet and wonderful birthday party yesterday. Matching plates and cups and napkins, a house filled with balloons and streamers, party popper confetti toys, birthday cards (including a singing one!), pink flower wrapped presents with pink ribbons, and a pink pony birthday cake. (Landon helped with the party planning :) Jenny and April (and Kathie and Winslow via skype) celebrated with us too.

Such a wonderful day. I felt so loved by my dear family.

Also, Jordan's gift for me was drawing supplies. Wonderful because I'm excited to try them out, but even more wonderful because he thinks I am good at this. And wants me to keep doing it and getting better and sharing my happiness in this newfound talent.

On Thanksgiving evening, April asked if she could color one of my pictures. I just felt bursting with happiness. She and Jenny and I sat on the floor in the front room and I wrapped a few Christmas presents while they colored.

And other Thanksgiving break fun -

A carefree out-to-eat Thanksgiving dinner, lots of pies, a great visit from Jenny, a shopping trip to Park City (Jen and I), fun time with April, a crawling Owen, sick children :( wig and mustache shopping (for an upcoming Animoto party!) warm and beautifully blue-sky sunny days, melting snow, leaf raking...

Such happy moments in these days.