Saturday, November 19, 2011

A spark...

Things have been changing at our house. Nothing huge, but little hints are starting to pop up all around. An organized craft room. Clean bedrooms. Dinners in the freezer. Full dresser drawers instead of full laundry baskets. Kid arts and crafts activities... what could it all mean?

I'm learning to sleep! (And crawl -- watch out!)

I am getting some sleep! This little guy is finally sleeping consistently in 3 hour stretches (and sometimes more!) And, oh what a difference it makes. I'm so grateful.

Also, with a little more sanity that sleep has brought, we've had more time to focus and plan and more intentionally simplify our lives. I've been realizing lately that right now in our lives, things are going to be a little hectic. (Right after our weekend of wedding travels I was talking to Landon about our upcoming plans - Thanksgiving and company, my birthday, a trip to New York, Christmas, Ellie's birthday, Grammie and Grandpa visiting, our trip to California...) So my new goal is to make all the days in between simple. To just do the things we need to do and have peaceful and happy and simple days.

Tonight we cleaned the house and then had a Christmas decorating party. We decided if we wanted to enjoy this Christmas time, we needed to get a head start :) Judging from this year's history, we knew if we didn't start now, we would probably still have Halloween decorations up in January and then be left wondering 'what happened to Christmas? How did we miss it?' Also, we are having Thanksgiving at Elements restaurant. It was such a nice feeling to walk past the turkeys and on-sale Thanksgiving items and not have my mind racing to remember what I might still need.

We'll see how we do at enjoying and keeping our days simple. But oh what a blessing to have some sleep to help us do it!