Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twenty Eight

This year I want to:

enjoy the sweetest moments of each day with my family.
give loving care to my family.
have more dance parties.
play the piano for my children.
write more.
draw more.
create. I feel like I'm just bursting these days with wanting to create in so many ways.
do the things I ought to do every day and let go of things that aren't important.
set aside time to think, focus.
connect and stay connected to friends.
start a business. (make something that someone thinks is so great that they'd want to buy it)
sleep through the night.
find a solution to my ever increasing gray hairs :)
read to my children.
eat lots of vegetables and other healthy foods.
do yoga. run. bike. snowshoe. adventure.
make my children smile. make Jordan smile.
be grateful.