Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best of today - in Manhattan

  • beautiful, warm Fall -ish weather (w/ lows much higher than our highs this week - hooray!)
  • Landon and Ellie climbing on the rocks in Central Park -- Landon eyeing the huge tall rocks, but obeying and enjoying the smaller (safer) ones with Ellie
  • Landon and Ellie crackling, gathering, throwing leaves in Central Park -- running and jumping and tumbling in the piles. Landon chasing Jordan with piles of leaves, Ellie following behind with one leaf in her fingertips 'I have this leaf to throw at Daddy!' or carefully carrying an armful 'I'm going to give these to the animals if they're here..." Owen happily surprised at a stroller full of leaves from Landon
  • no children lost or any other tragic misfortune that we cautioned them about :)
  • Owen's 'da da da' jabber on the subway
  • cozy quiet time in our nice apartment, resting and listening to Landon read to Jordan.