Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmastime in New York

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We spent a super rainy night enjoying the NYC Christmas sights -- a plus for the low crowds, but we were a soggy bunch by the time we returned home!

FAO Schwarz toy store - where we dried off, warmed up, and waited for Jordan to join us before braving the short subway trip to our next destinations. (And where we almost bought Jordan a 2 lb. Reeces until we saw that it was $25!)
"Let's all choose our very favorite color and hug them!"

Dancing on the big piano

The Rockefeller tree -- beautiful, and amazing to see the Rockefeller building as a backdrop - so tall that it disappeared into the clouds above.

And the ice skating rink there - with 2 lone skaters circling the ice in an inch or so of rain puddles.

image found here

The Saks 5th Avenue light show -- this was amazing. Kathie sent us a link beforehand and it was the big event that Landon and I were most looking forward to.

(Watch this -- it's so fun!)