Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

The sun was shining all day, melting away yesterday's snow in celebration of the first day of Spring -- I'm getting excited to be spending our days outside again!

Today, I...
- Made flower shaped pancakes (and spinach salad) for lunch to celebrate Springtime.
- Went for a walk with Ellie to retrieve her long-lost and forgotten near the neighbor's house riding toy.
- Ran around delivering scouting for food bags with the webelos
- Played teacher and mother and Cinderella's mother and other pretending games with Ellie
- Read about Logan's downtown plan for the coming years, and went to observe at the city council meeting where they adopted the plan
- Hugged Owen, who has had a rough few days with something so important to tell us that we can't seem to figure out. But oh, he has great hugs!
- Looked at Dinosaur Train dinosaur facts with Landon
- Enjoyed a delicious cooked-by-Jordan dinner of grilled chicken and potatoes.

A happy first day of Spring.