Thursday, March 22, 2012

On my mind

(On my mind today -- made at Wordle)

These jumbled words seem like a pretty decent illustration of what is going on inside my head these days. :) We have a lot of decisions and upcoming changes that are all kind of hanging in the balance right now waiting for each other and for other decisions to see how everything is going to fall into place...

I love this description from Cloverlane --

...every brain works differently. My husband is wonderful at compartmentalizing his different roles. His brain I think, has little rooms with doors, and when he walks out of one room so to speak, into another, he can slam that door and all the stress, deadlines, responsibility stay shut in there. My brain doesn't have doors, heck it doesn't have walls.

This is very much me :)

I (fortunately) am feeling like all these things really are going to work out, and maybe even in amazing ways... but in the meantime, my brain is under construction as I try to remodel and create a few holding rooms where I can store all of the what if's and when's and how's while I wait for things to work themselves out.