Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

A happy mother's day -- full of love from my little family. 

I love Mother's day and celebrating this role that I get to play so fully right now.  This week I've been working harder to be the sweet mommy that my children were so excited to make flower pots and other great surprises for. My favorite advice that has been on my mind often is a phrase something like this

"When dealing with children, gather all your wits and sit on the floor."

For me, motherhood is best when I remember to sit on the floor :)

And a funny thing -- my song that I sing often when arguments between the kids begin is "I want to be kind to everyone..." So lately, every once in a while I'll hear from Ellie or Landon "I want to be mean to everyone, for that is not right  you see.   So I say to myself, 'remember this' mean-ness begins with me..." (But of course sung so sweetly :)

A delicious made-by-Jordan Mother's Day dinner (with decorating help from Landon :)

With Owen sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now, motherhood is feeling much rosier!