Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Plans (a work in progress)

Welcome Summer break!  
In making plans for our summer days, I had spinning around in my head ideas like this with nearly each minute of each day set apart for a specific purpose. Then I read this from a favorite blog and started wishing for slow, lazy, and bright summer days...

Then Landon had his first day of summer break and I quickly remembered that slow and lazy days are not meant to be a part of life in the Brough family right now. :)

So on with the schedules!

We are two days into our summer routine and so far, so good. Here's a glimpse of our daily routines --

*Morning Jobs -- anything that is set in a routine works better for me.  These are all the things we've been usually doing before school (except the new 'Super Helper Job') --

My goal (not there yet)  is to get up before the kids to go for a run, shower/get ready before their on-the-dot 7:00 wake up.  ( I set my alarm one day last week -- for the first time that I can even remember.  With Owen sleeping through the night and Ellie and Landon sleeping great at last, this is quite possibly the best stretch of sleep we've had since before Landon was born... wake up before the kids? It just might be possible!)

More on school time soon :)

Looking at these little lists makes me think -- what simple days. what a simple life I am living. how could i ever feel stressed? or frustrated? or overwhelmed? or exasperated with little mischief that really has no lasting matter...
These lists make up some pretty sweet days.  Full of sweet moments in between and a part of each little item on the schedule.

Hugs and copycat laughs from Owen, walking into the kitchen and hearing Ellie say "Why Hello Miss Mommy! How are you doing?"  A handwritten note, wrapped in a graham cracker box from Landon in the middle of the morning's chaos "Dear Mommy. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I'm your best helper, right? Love, Landon" 

Here we come, Summer days!

(And just for fun --  some advice I love on making plans)

kids + sled + stairs = 1st day of summer break