Sunday, May 20, 2012

School/Summer Days

These have been beautiful days. Leaving Landon's school last week, I was remembering the feeling of my  BYU days and spring/summer term classes. Sometimes it would be just too beautiful to spend time inside.  I'd be on my way to class and stop for a minute to rest on a grassy hill... pretty soon I'd decide that a short nap in the sun with some catch up study time later on was much more appealing than drifting off in a dimly lit auditorium through an Econ lecture.

(And speaking of college days -- I just found out that I can take  classes here at USU as a non-matriculated student. Portuguese?  Sewing technique?  Photoshop?)

Landon's first day of Kindergarten -- how the time has flown by!

This is Landon's last week of kindergarten (!!) so I've been making plans for how I want our summer to be. I've been brainstorming activities and trying to find resources to work on learning and teaching the kids some Portuguese. (So far, I'm thinking it would be much easier to find activities/books/songs/etc. if I actually spoke Portuguese myself :) I still can't quite figure how the routines of our days ought to go to make things go most smoothly, but hopefully this week I can come up with something. And we'll see how it all goes! I'm excited to have Landon home again.

(Jordan would love to live in Brazil for a few years. I'm still not sure how confident I am with the idea, but we've been talking to the kids a little about it and starting to work on learning some Portuguese.  Ellie asked Jordan the other day, "If I learn Portuguese, can I come with you to Brazil too?" (I think she was worried that she may be left behind if her language skills were lacking!)