Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A belated May Day post - Welcoming Spring/ Waking up

May Day blossoms and snow
We've been loving the Springtime -- there is something magical about Spring here in Logan after the long, grey winter.   It's a slow back-and-forth waking up. A few blossoms, a few snow showers, and so it goes.  May 1st's morning walk was full of snow dusted blossoms and daffodils and tulips. I thought that morning how  just a few hints of Spring are enough to give hope of good things to come, even if Logan is a bit slow to wake from its long winter sleep.

And I was reminded of the sweetness of my own slow waking up each morning. Some of the happiest moments of the day come as first Jordan, then Owen, then Landon and finally Ellie each join me among my many pillows as I slowly, slowly wake up.  Scriptures with Jordan (who is endlessly patient with my eyes-closed "I'm listening" promises). Then Owen's bright smile and hug and "good morning!" and 'bundle-baby' time with a quick follow-up of "I need a toy!" Landon bounds in at 6:59 with jumps and plenty of bed bouncing/blanket tunneling and plans on the way for the day. Then 7:00 brings Ellie who sleepily climbs in and finds a cozy spot to wake up a bit more with Mommy.  A few minutes of resting, then playing pretend and at last I'm ready to start the day with a morning walk. Every once in a while I wonder if I ought to be waking early for a trip to the gym/ scripture study/ kitchen clean-up/ meditation/ whatever else early risers do... but oh how i do love these sweet sleepy mornings!