Monday, May 20, 2013

Ordinary Days/A bit of catching up

A rainy day reading party (following a standing long jump game :)
This week our plan is to get back to all the routines that make life smooth (just 2 weeks of school left and then it's time for new routines and a new plan :) We've been loving our Logan springtime with the neon trees now fading into their normal bright greens, and the blossoms and lilacs, and rainy morning walks for me. We celebrated Green Canyon's opening (a few weeks after it's opening with great patience from Jordan!) with a campfire in our favorite spot.  Jordan has been chopping wood and hoping for many more campfires to come. We loved Kathie and Winslow's company as they came to visit and sell April's house.  Ellie had a trip to instacare for 3 staples after a bonk/gash on her head, and she amazed us with her bravery -- no crying at all, just squeezing Daddy's hand as hard as she could! Jordan's been helping me with scouts w/ basketball drills, bicycle repairs, a car wash/fix-it day and tomorrow a hike along the Bonneville trail. My year-long tooth ordeal is finally over with last week's trip to the dentist (oh, how Provo is changing!) And lots of summer plans are in the works... Jordan to NYC in June, a trip to Seattle for Drew & Sarah's baby blessing in July, and a trip to Mesa for Jenny & Jeremiah's wedding (congrats!!),  Portuguese boot-camps for Landon, an office-shed to build for Jordan, and getting ready for the arrival of our newest little one... these are busy happy days for us!