Saturday, May 25, 2013

Farmer's Market

(Upper left - I was doing a practice set up in the backyard and Jordan decided it would make a pretty good office space
Lower left - I'd stitched a little' 'Tuesday Flowers' logo months ago - this was Landon's sweet replica :)

The past two Saturdays we've spent our mornings at the Farmer's Market with our own booth (!!) Last week was crazy rainy, but still pretty successful and a memorable, keeping dry adventure. This week  Landon had a fun time shooting marshmallows and demonstrating his catapults, and sold almost 30 of them! ( We sold out after  the first couple of hours and sent Jordan home to gather our supplies to make more.) Ellie's heart crayons were a hit too and the first thing gone. Plus, I got to sell some bike ankle straps, adventure sacks, bows and clippies... And we just had a fine time with a beautiful day visiting with all of the shoppers. A successful and fun day -- And so fun to get to share all of these great things that we've loved making!