Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Happy Anniversary

In honor of our 9th Anniversary, I thought I'd write down 9 things that Jordan and I love to do together right now.
(in no particular order) We love to...

1. Read books together (a few favorite series: Peter and the Star Catchers, Percy Jackson, The Mysterious Benedict Society)
2. Watch White Collar (we've never been TV watchers- or had tv actually - but this one we like :)
3. Go for adventures - biking, running, walking/unicycling...
4. Work/clean - not that it's so fun cleaning, but we're a great team. Jordan is awesome at directing and  helping the kids so they'll stay focused and I'm good at cleaning quickly when I know everyone is helping.
5. Go out to eat at our favorite places (like our favorite Gaucho Grill)
6. Play with/be with/take care of our kids, talk about the great things they do
7. Shopping - even a trip to Lee's or Costco feels like a fun event when Jordan comes too. And he's the best clothes shopping partner because he picks out fun things, gives his honest opinion, and makes me feel like I'm beautiful :)
8. Play outside/work outside in the yard
9.  Campfires (even crazy ones!)

I asked Jordan for his ideas on our favorite things to do together. His list started like this: Change diapers, clean up spit up, clean the house, put the kids to bed again and again each night...

I think I may have asked him at the wrong time - he did help me brainstorm a real list too :) But really, even though those things are not actually our favorite things to do together,  they are the things we do together. I think we're pretty lucky to have so much time - with each other and with our children - doing so many of our favorite things, and so many of our not so favorite things too. All put together they make a pretty happy life. :)