Sunday, October 13, 2013

Soccer Time

Backyard practice -- Ellie can tell you at the end of each game exactly how many times she kicked the ball in that game :)

Our September has been happily full of soccer practices and games for Ellie and Landon. I've never really watched soccer before, so I've been surprised at how much I've really loved watching them play. Beautiful fall evenings, walking across the street to the park, feeding little Porter and celebrating the sweet little accomplishments of our kids on the field... it has just been a delight. Ellie has gone from holding Jordan's hand while she played to just checking behind her for him standing a few feet away to finally now playing and practicing all on her own - and we're so proud of her being so brave and happy for her to be having so much fun. Landon is so much fun to watch because he alternates between super focused and intense as goalie or defender to running the field with  super sillyness like  cries of "Pow!" with a good kick or a nice play of a teammate. Owen has a great time playing with whatever ball is nearby on the sidelines or offering a "Yay! Landon! or Good job Ellie!" And especially with a new little Porter, it has just been so great to have this nice scheduled activity- what a fun way to spend our time enjoying this beautiful Fall!

Landon has been working on his drop kick, hoping to play like the 'professional soccer players'