Monday, September 30, 2013


Raspberry Picking

Our raspberries have been amazing this year.  Every few days we've been able to go out and pick at least a bowl full and sometimes two or three - the branches just hang down because they are so heavy with delicious red ripe raspberries!  These two are happy little helpers (though with very few berries ending up in the bowls :) I love this patch and always feel like it's such a treat from my sweetheart (who planted  it for me when we moved in) whenever I go out there. And it's even more fun to share such a fun treat with these cute kids. 

My keys to raspberry success this year: 
1. Forget to turn the water off each time you water and completely flood the patch once or twice a week through July  
2. Forget to water all together for the rest of the season  
3. Enjoy lots and lots of raspberries :)

A few days ago Owen watched me lay out the extra berries on a cookie sheet to put in the freezer (which just happens to be at a perfect Owen level) - later that afternoon, I was sitting in the reading room when Owen crawled around the corner of the kitchen with his mouth, shirt and fingers covered in raspberry juice and in his best lion voice growled "I'm snitching raspberries!"