Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainy Days

Enjoying today's rainy day
We've had some pretty great rainy days lately - here are a few happy things :)

1. I haven't watered my garden since Porter was born. I think that Kathie kept it alive through the end of August, and since then we've had enough rain to keep things growing despite my complete lack of attention. (And a side note, I've discovered that dinosaur chicken nuggets are a perfectly acceptable dinner, even a couple times a week when put on a sandwich with freshly picked garden tomatoes and other veggies :)

2. Landon played his first soccer game a few weeks ago in the middle of a crazy rain/wind storm. We tried to brave it out for a little while, but the kids and I soon joined the mini-van line up and watched from the car while Jordan bravely cheered from the side lines with a few other stalwart/wet parents.

Our view from the van/ a certain Landon who didn't seem to mind the rain too much :)
3. A few weeks ago we had a brief but intense downpour that brought  all of our neighbors outside for an impromptu water party. A few watched from their covered porches (like me), our teenage neighbor was quickly soaked with an umbrella-less walk around the block. Landon and Ellie jumped and splashed and danced in the huge puddles (as did our grown up next-door neighbor -- what a happy sight to see!)  Landon soon set out to follow a ball flowing through the gutters/puddles, then got sidetracked with dam building, and Jordan followed on his unicycle, an umbrella high overhead. :)