Wednesday, September 25, 2013

first month

Oh I love this little one! In just the last few days he's suddenly begun to follow me with his eyes, keeping track and making sure I'm staying close. I can tell that a lullaby while I hold him/do the dishes/make lunch is soon to be no longer enough - he wants my full attention - my eyes looking straight into his while I serenade this little boy to happiness with Capital I, Moon River, You are my Sunshine...  And oh, those bright shining eyes!

Mostly he says to me slow down. Soon I will grow. (Every day I will grow!) One day you will sleep again... Slow down for now. Hold me and feed me and wrap me and sleep with me and change me and cuddle me. Rest with me and hold me close and feel my tiny little baby breaths.  Sing to me and rock me and play a little sillyness with me.  Mostly, slow down. 

And so, slow days we will have :) I'm working (hard - oh, so hard!) to do just those things that are most important.  So we have messy bedrooms, but clean Sunday clothes. Chicken nugget dinners, but chocolate chip cookie after school snacks. Lots of sitting and holding instead of playing, but lots more story reading too. And what a treasure it is, just to sit and hold this little one. What a gift for slowing down.

Happy first month little Porter -we love you so!