Sunday, September 29, 2013


Little Porter loves a good lullaby and is great to calm down to a sweet song. This afternoon he gave me one of his best and sweetest first smiles while I wrapped him up and sang to him 'little one, when you sleep I can't help but kiss your cheek...'

So I've been thinking of lullabies and thought I'd write down a few sweet lullaby memories. 

- I just came across a little lullaby book/Father's day gift that I made for Jordan just after Ellie was born. One of the sweetest memories of our hospital stay with Ellie was Jordan sitting in the hospital rocking chair, arms stretched out in front cradling little Ellie and him singing so sweetly to calm our new baby girl. 

- When Landon was one/two, if we sang even the first few wards of "I often go walking", he immediately raced to bed or laid down where he was to rest. 

-Until Landon was about 5 or 6, he had 5 songs we'd sing in order each night at bedtime. (In the leafy treetops, Whenever I hear, I have a family (vs. 1 & 2 counted as 2 songs for some reason :) and Landon, I love you) He always called these his 'love you songs'.

- For a long time Owen and I had a tradition that each day when I woke him up from his nap, he would come and sit with me on the couch and we would sing Moon River together while he finished waking up - sadly this is fading (along with his nap taking...) but oh what a sweet time to cuddle close to my little boy and sing to him, with his little voice joining in or sometimes even singing on his own to me. 

- And, just because I know someday I will forget and want to remember all their favorites -
I love these babies!