Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why I love Logan

This weekend we took the scouts to a science presentation at the University all about the health effects of Logan's poor winter air with a take-away message something like 'run for your life!' Fortunately, right now we are at Logan's best time of year with colorful hills and beautiful trees and crisp, cool, lovely clean air :)

A few weekends ago we went on our first big bikeride  all together since Porter was born (to Kneaders for a delicious french toast breakfast!) I wasn't confident about making it up the Lee's hill to get home, so we dropped off the Subaru beforehand and  Landon and I left our bikes chained to a tree near Lee's on our way back and the two of us drove home. The next weekend when April and Nathan were visiting we decided to go for another ride down to Lee's to pick up campfire supplies. Only after we bundled up and packed up all the kids did we realize my bike and Landon's were missing... and finally remembered that we'd left them the week before.  I drove down the hill, sure to find an empty tree and brainstorming what to do about trying to replace the two bikes... but amazingly - there they were!

Exactly where we left them a week before, including helmet and headband nearby on the grass! 

(This isn't the first time our forgetfulness has made  us  grateful to live in such a safe town as Logan -- just about a week before this incident, Landon left his bike at Chick-fil-A and we went back after several days to find it still sitting in the bike rack, unlocked and untouched. Forgetfulness seems to be ours in greater measure as the parents of four!)