Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A little robin friend

A few weekends ago, this little guy spent an entire Saturday morning hanging out on our reading room window ledge. Every once in a while he'd fly across to the tree when we'd walk by and startle him, or he'd try out another of our living room windows. A few times he even went to check out the front yard trees, but within a minute or two he'd always return to this little spot. He'd pace back and forth, sometimes he'd flap his wings and hop around or peck, peck, peck on the glass. The kids watched him from inside and outside and he just watched and watched us. Such a funny little addition to our Saturday morning.

A few years ago the kids and I did a bird preschool unit, and I finally learned what a robin was. (It's so silly to think that I never learned such a simple thing!) But somehow, it has made me just love robins. Knowing their name means that each time I see one, I feel like I'm seeing an old familiar friend instead of just a bird. {Next up I think needs to be flowers -- I'm sure that knowing their names will make them more beautiful too!}