Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

(I didn't realize until I put these together just how focused these kids were on their morning Easter basket surprises!)

Our two 'popcorn' trees are bursting with blossoms, and our tree lined street is just starting the neon stage as the leaves get ready to start the new season. We've had a busy week of activities -- a capoeira performance at the school, and a Kindergarten club orientation night, Jordan helping with blessings at the hospital, condo rental work, soccer practices, a date + babysitter (!)…and  a whirlwind weekend hosting a baby shower for Jenny, a Brazilian picnic (expertly made by Jordan), a little Easter program for primary singing time, an Easter celebration with some neighbors/friends after church, and an Easter dinner with friends tonight - phewph!

Now we're feeling ready for a quieter, warm Springtime week to  enjoy the sunshine and blossoms and our little ones.