Tuesday, April 15, 2014

fresh start

My poor raspberry patch! It will be beautiful again soon, I know!
A friend asked us for a few raspberry starts from our garden, so I finally went out to the patch yesterday to see what kind of state it was in. And goodness, it needed a lot of work. Though I've looked at it every day right there beside Jordan's office shed, I was still so surprised to see what a mess it was and how sadly neglected it had become! I have a feeling that I may continue to find more little corners of my life in a similar state in the coming weeks and months.

Little Porter has finally started to sleep just a little bit better, and though not quite like the spark I remember feeling in the past, I do feel like I'm just waking up a little bit more. With a definite back and forth in 'I can do great things' and 'oh, I wish I could do even just the little things.'  But what a perfect time with the beautiful Spring world around, also waking up slowly, maybe even a little cautiously too.

I just read a wonderful post yesterday from a favorite blogger. And once again, I felt like she'd gathered up my thoughts and wrapped them up beautifully with her own words.  It gave me just what I needed to recommit to this little space of my blog that I love.