Monday, May 5, 2014


tonight's dinner
One of the fun things I've noticed as Porter has started to make some definite sleep progress is that I'm actually cooking with recipes again. (Meaning, we're  going beyond grilled cheese kinds of dinners at long last!) In honor of this past week with possibly more recipe usage than the last 8 months combined, I thought I'd share a fun new find :)

I made this Chocolate Quinoa Cake for dessert yesterday (Landon was fasting for the first time and I was so proud of him, I wanted to celebrate and this was the perfect thing. He also saved the day by visiting all of our neighbors in search of 4 eggs when we realized we were out!)  With leftovers for our FHE treat tonight, I'm still trying to decide what I think of it compared to regular chocolate cake, but it was delicious and also just pretty fun trying out some  new ingredients that I've never really tried cooking with before. (And the frosting was especially amazing!)

I also made these gyros this week for dinner - Liz wrote about them as a ridiculously easy weeknight meal, but I felt like I was a gourmet chef to make something even this involved on a Thursday night (Jordan was impressed too  - he walked in while I was working and couldn't believe that I was even cooking chicken! This is the state of our lives :)