Monday, May 12, 2014

sick days

our house this week :)
In the last week or so, we've had 2 emergency room visits, 1 ambulance ride, 3 urgent care visits, 3 sick little boys + 1 even more miserable Ellie, and 1 sick as can be parent (Jordan's praying hard that I'll stay well.) And goodness, it's been hard!
from my companion's visiting teaching message this month

I've tried (sometimes well, sometimes not) to remember this talk -- and be thankful for all the little and great things that have still come each day. The kind and patient and professional doctors and nurses and paramedics and pharmacists. Health insurance and our savings set aside for medical needs. Tylenol and antibiotics and other medicines and heat packs and humidifiers and hot showers. Popsicles, and ice cream, applesauce and juice and jello. And most of all kindness and prayers from people who love us so. 

And beautiful Spring days outside our windows too. 

Oh, I love these pink blossoms!

And now I'm hoping that rainbow (of a healthy family) really will come soon! :)