Monday, May 5, 2008


After celebrating graduation with Jenny and Drew, I've been thinking about my fun college years. I still love to go up to campus because their is such a feeling of excitement there with all the students at such a place in their lives where they are seeking out learning and personal growth so vigorously. I'm so grateful for my education at BYU and for so many of my teachers who were really passionate about what they taught. In thinking of my favorite classes, many were not necessarily my favorite subject, but the teachers presented the material in such a great way. So, here's my top 10 favorite BYU classes (in no particular order):
1. Family Law
2. English 315 (writing for social sciences)
3. University Chorale 
4. Intro. to Seminary Teaching
5. Mediation 
6.  Interior Design
7.  Tap Dance
8. Humanities 201 & 202 (arts in western civilization)
9. Doctrines of the Gospel
10. Children's Literature