Friday, May 9, 2008

Just Some Interesting News

NewsWeek did an article a few days ago about the disproportionate number of Mormons winning Reality TV shows. :) I've never seen any of the shows they were talking about, but it was still an interesting article, because for the most part it was pretty positive towards the church. Here's a couple things I liked -- 

"But Mormons don't do well only on shows where the audience votes. "There must be something about the Mormon community that makes these people so self-confident and so open," says Lynne Spillman, a casting director for "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race." She thinks that coming from a large family probably helps in a game like "Survivor," with its complicated group dynamics mirroring sibling rivalries. "They also have these incredible experiences through their missions," she says, "and can relate to being dropped off in the middle of somewhere they've never been and having to make it."

"Some tension may still exist between the Mormon community and mainstream America. But considering that not too long ago Mormons were a small, persecuted band, it's remarkable that America may be poised to crown a Mormon as its new Idol."

Also, I just read an article about a new dress code at the junior high school I attended. Starting this coming year, students must wear a collared shirt each day. No t-shirts, no logos or emblems, no sweats or pj pants, and shorts and skirts must be knee-length. Seems pretty great!  This school seemed a bit ghetto when I was there, and then as a teacher in the district, I saw that it had become much more so. Cool to see the principal and parents trying to do something to make things nicer there. :)