Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

When I visited my sister's ward in Arizona, they were talking about being your best self and someone raised a question that I liked, "What things do I do that make me glad to be me?" So, in honor of Mother's Day, and in thinking about how to be a better mom, what things do I do that make me glad to be a mom?
I'm glad to be a mom...
- when I hug my little boy.
- when I stop doing something unimportant to go and play with Landon.
- when I express the gladness of being a mom.
- when I read stories with my little boy.
- when I put Landon down for his nap. We read scripture stories, sing a song, and then I sit by his side and read scriptures myself for a few minutes while he falls asleep.
- when I see Landon learning from things I have tried to teach him.
- when I see the excitement of my son in discovery!
- when I see my little boy has friends.
- when our home is clean, or not at all disastrous at least. :)
- when I am playing with my little boy.
- when I make healthy food for my family to eat.
- when I go for a walk with my little boy.
- when I get to show Landon things that make him so excited - the river, ducks, rocks, the moon, water meters (he finds these on his own though...) dogs, cats, etc.
- when I see all the people who love my little boy.

I guess, I'm pretty much just glad to be a mom! :) Though I know I could make a list of the moments I'm not so glad (food flinging, flopping on the floor tantrum fits, waking up in the night for almost 2 years now... :) But, I sure love little Landon and this time of my life that I get to be a mother!