Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love Love Love

Congratulations to Jennifer Hainsworth Richins! (This is Jenn and my good friend Laura.) Jenny and I traveled down to Arizona for the weekend to attend Jenn's wedding and all the festivities and such. It was so fun to be there and so sweet to see the way Jenn's new husband just adored her. :) It was also great to spend some time with my sister and with Laura. The flight and all were so amazingly smooth without Landon along to keep constantly entertained! I definitely missed him, but traveling was definitely a simpler ordeal. 
This was the first time that I left Landon alone overnight and though I did have to call every couple of hours... everyone did fine! Thankfully, Kathy, Winslow and Nathan were all around to help Jordan out with our little guy. :) And, while I was gone, they even put in the flooring for the guest room. (Nathan's bedroom now for the summer!) 

So, now I'm happily home (but not yet quite unpacked) and Nathan is all moved in (also not quite unpacked, but his room is a beautiful blue with great wood flooring!) And, Kathie and Winslow are getting ready to head back to California tomorrow, too. We've had a super busy few weeks and have just loved having the company here. But, I guess it's finally time to get back to normal life again! :)