Friday, October 10, 2008

Catch up Time! :)

I've been putting off posting anything because I was getting behind in my list of things I wanted to write about... but finally decided today I've just got to do it! :)

Our week in New York turned out to be just great. We stayed in a great little apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey - right on the water across from Manhatten. It was the perfect spot for me and Landon - there was a walking trail along the water right behind the apartment and lots of close-by parks that were always busy with other moms and toddlers. It really was such a fun week of Mommy and Landon time -- hanging out in the apartment playing with toys or just exploring, going for lots of walks to see the water or go shopping or just to walk around, playing at the park every day, going to the library... just such fun time! In the evenings after Jordan's work and on the weekend we all got to play together too and see some of the fun New York sites and such. We visited the Apple store (guess who that stop was for! :), had dinner at the Little Italy festival going on right by Jordan's work, went to the big toy store in Times Square and visited Central Park.  Jordan had a lot of fun getting to meet everybody at work and was sad to leave after the week was up (although, he was grateful to be done with subways!)The view from our balcony
Central Park -- this was one of my favorite places that we visited last time we came to New York - such an amazing little (well, not so little!) oasis in the middle of this big bustling city!
The Central Park Zoo -- lots of kid friendly things to climb in and play on that Landon just loved. 

One of our many trips to the park