Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Festivities

Today we went for a bike ride/run and I spent some time outside raking leaves - so gorgeous! We went to the church on a windy day last week and got to play in all of the leaves w/ Landon. 

This weekend we had Jordan's dad, Winslow, visiting and he helped Jordan put up a new fence in our backyard to keep Landon in. (He helped Jordan put in the posts the last time he was here a few months ago, and somehow the rest of the fence still hadn't happened -- but now
 it's up! :) So now Landon can run around without escaping while we are working or playing back there - Hooray!

Last week we went to "Pumpkin Land" at the garden nursery in Orem -- it was just great for Landon. They have lots of animals to look at, a pumpkin patch and mini-corn maze, a "light alley" w/ lots of non-scary Halloween decorations, big blow up toys, etc. It was great -- very home-made, but very fun and perfect for a 2-year-old to run around.  

Since that was such a success, we thought it would be fun to go up to Thanksgiving Point's "Barnyard Boo" which sounded like it should be similar but w/ also some games and activities to play. Unfortunately, after we bought all of our tickets and went in, Landon only wanted to run around in the grass and climb on the retaining walls. Hmmm. So, we spent about an hour trying to get him to do some of the activities, then gave up and went across the street to Cabella's where he had a great time seeing the animals and feeding the fish. :) (Landon was on here just about long enough to take the picture before he decided he wasn't such a fan of pony rides. :)

I just love this beautiful, beautiful Fall weather!