Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farewell Fall!

Yesterday I kept thinking about how much I love this beautiful Fall weather -- today we had snow!  Hopefully we'll have some warmer days ahead before winter really comes but oh what a lovely time it has been.  With Jordan working from home, he's been able to use his lunch break time to go out for a bike ride or run or walk most days and it's been just such fun. We took a drive up the canyon a few days ago (thanks to our earlier discovery of my video-ipod for Landon and good old Tigger and Pooh, this was a thinkable adventure!) and it was beautiful.  Having the river trail right here is great too because the leaves are turning here and it makes for such a lovely ride. So, hooray for Fall and hopefully we'll have a little more!

This pumpkin started growing from a vine hanging on our bushes and we were sure it would soon fall to the ground -- not so -- this is one tough vine and one tough bush!