Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just more cuteness I want to remember :)

Last night, Jordan was sitting w/ Landon in bed and telling him stories. For some reason, Landon kept trying to push Jordan off of the bed (Jordan thought he was just being cranky of something). After a little bit, Jordan finally stopped and said "Landon, what can you do to be nice to Daddy? Show me what you can do to be nice." In response,  Landon sweetly asked, 

"Please can I push you off the bed Daddy?" 

How can you argue with that? :)

I was in nursery w/ Landon last week when they had a lesson about temples. The teacher held up a picture of a temple and asked  what it was -- Landon said "That's the temple! My mommy and daddy need to remember to go the temple!"

A few days later, we drove past the Provo library (which Landon always thinks is a temple because it's such a tall and beautiful building :) and again Landon said "The temple! Mommy and Daddy, you need to remember to go to the temple!" I don't know where he got this, but it was a good little reminder for us! :) 

We've finally started working on potty-training for Landon and decided to dedicate Saturday entirely to Conference and Potty-training. I've been prepping Landon for this super exciting day when he gets to go potty all day! and get his cars fruit snacks and his big boy underwear... he's pretty pumped for all the excitement :) -- This morning though, I saw that he didn't quite understand what I was talking about every time I told him about Saturday being a 'potty-training' day. Right after we talked about it, he said to me,

 "On Saturday my potty train can go on my track and I will say choo choo!"