Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springtime happenings

Everything is just coming back to life around here. This is our little peach tree in the back yard -- 2 weeks ago and then 1 week later -- it seems crazy to have snow and springtime so mixed up with each other! Now this tree has bright red tulips opened up all around the base of it too. :)

We had a busy couple weeks with lots of fun visitors -- Drew came down from Washington to meet Ellie for the first time. He and Jordan got to have some good coding party time, so Jordan was especially happy. :) And Landon loved getting to play with Uncle Drew. April had a conference close by so we got to spend time w/ her too -- what a great aunt she is to our little kiddos! And, my Dad and Shauna even took some of their vacation time to come out for a visit from North Carolina -- it was great to see them and also all the other family that gathered together for their visit. Hopefully soon they'll be a little closer so we'll get to see them more often. :)

We've also just been loving the happy spring time weather. We've gone out on some fun rollerblading adventures along the rivertrail and such -- I'm still just loving our new stroller, especially now that Landon's gotten used to it. We found a perfect park the other day too - the old Oakridge school is being used for some Wasatch classes now and their playground is all fenced in and open to everybody after school hours. We had a great picnic and book reading time there last week while Landon was able to run and climb and we could just relax -- very fun! :) Yesterday we got started on our garden planting prep work too in clearing out the space in our corner and all.

Hooray for these beautiful days!

And here's some cute pics too, just for fun.
Tummy time w/ Daddy
Giggles -- a few days ago she had her first giggles just at Jordan being silly (rather than from being tickled :)
Reading his book to me and Ellie
"You don't take pictures!"
Showing off his dandelion finds
Trying out the walker
Oh, what a happy girl!!
Ellie's favorite way to sleep... (she's really not so buried as she looks, but she just loves that warmth and softness on her little body!)
Sweetly sleeps our little Ellie